Speculation tax ! Finally

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Re: Speculation tax ! Finally

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reallyreal2 wrote:
VanLord wrote:
eyesthebye2 wrote:
The answer to this is that CRA is useless.
If they start dishing out jail time for tax evasion then people might obey the law
Lots of articles like these out there these days.  I guess retirees spending 5 months a year is a bad thing now...can you imagine if they US were to do the same thing to Canadians down south.
http://www.moneysense.ca/news/retirees- ... ax-unfair/
Vanlord - Is there anywhere in the US where housing is so unaffordable that people can't afford to own in the city without living in slumlike conditions?
We have a unique problem that requires unique solutions.  I am not saying that the solutions are right or wrong but you can't compare Vancouver to the US and say we are anti business or anti investment.  At some point, we have to take care of the people that actually live and contribute here.  
San Francisco, LA, New York, even Seattle have similar issues with affordability and escalating real estate prices.  The US benefitted from the housing collapse to reset prices, but the problems aren't that much different than here.  
BC has marketed itself as a tourist destination, and attracting people who want to spend some of their time here, contributing to our economy some of the time is now a bad thing?  Again the government is using the wrong tool for the job and casting a wide net that catches a lot of innocent and contributing members of our society in that net.
Please do respond to my latest post with your ideas...I am open to hear what your thoughts are.
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