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Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:12 am

Hi everyone.

My name is Jay and I am almost turning 25.

Just came back to Canada after working around a year in Taiwan. Still renting, but I am looking for a place now.

Planning to make some investment in RE in NA (CA/US) backed by family and hope we can all learn from this great place! :)
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Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:51 am

50/whitehorse yukon/retired with a little liquid cash

we own our home and are mortage free and are looking for property in comox/courtney area. we are flyng down this easter weekend to hopefully make a purchase and get started in the market. the only thing is where and what to buy. i am thinking in the mid 300k for a new rancher in town. any feed back would be much appreciated.
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Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:06 pm

born in Surrey
Want to be worth a million by 30
Started with nothing
Have a 50 year old house on an acre in north Surrey
Hope to Bulldoze and develop within next few yrs
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Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:49 pm

1) 25 years old. Live (rent) and work (registered nurse) downtown.

2) Don't own any real estate yet, and probably wont even consider buying until 2012.

3) I think the market's slowing down, but because of all the emotion surrounding "the best place on earth", and I use that term extremely loosely, we wont see any price declines until the olympics are over. But that's the best case scenario, IMO. Worst case scenario is that prices start to flatten this summer and start dropping in 2009...falling until well into 2011-2012.

4) I started researching real estate markets when I was considering moving down to Oregon (where my parents live) and investing in a property there with them. This was in December of last year. I discovered the wonderful people over at and That's when I realised the insanity that was going on in the states. It didn't take me that long to find our local housing blogs. I'm officially obsessed with this stuff.
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Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:00 pm

1) Real Estate Investor with 3 years professional RE experience located in booming Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2) Own only the primary residence presently (4 bedroom Character home in most sought after east side location). I am now focused on short-term fix and flip projects right now and everything prior is sold. Currently negotiating the purchase of 11 below-market-value properties in Saskatchewan's major centres.
3) I believe the Saskatchewan market as a whole will be very sturdy increasing in value by 15-30% in 2008 with smaller but still sturdy gains in 2009
4) I am always looking for new joint venture partners to undertake RE projects. PM me for more info if you have an interest in investing in my team and the hottest market in Canada. Please include what you have to offer to the table as well.
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Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:42 am

1) Environmental Tech / 30/female
2) own 3rd primary residence in 7 years, working up the ladder, with 50% equity at this point. next step is purchasing 2ndary property solely for investment, but not going there till after 2010. Still head scratching on that one...
3) Predictions: DT is due for a big hit (too much speculation), the rest of the LM less so but still going down. The pain will ease as you move out the valley, I think... Moving to Mission (next weekend) to "ride it out" in what I hope will be the "least hit". Gotta live somewhere though right!
4) started with first condo at 23, doin alright at this point! Love flipping even though I still have to live in it during construction. Live for the steal of a deal and a total grinder with the sub trades.
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Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:58 pm

26 yrs old, jazz pianist. Abbotsford BC
townhouse in abbotsford, weekend condo in Squamish
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:18 pm

I'm a 35 year old male accountant living in Downtown Vancouver.

I own a condominium in Downtown Vancouver which is my principal residence. I generally prefer stock investing but also have two rental properties in Regina.

I am neutral on the Vancouver market and believe its best days have come and gone. I see a flat market for the next five years.

I'm holding onto my Prairie properties as the rents are covering mortgage payments and expenses. The value so far is rising more smartly than my Vancouver property. I was hoping to build a real estate empire in Vancouver but alas that will not happen with the high prices and still (relatively) low rents that cannot come close to covering expenses. I'm bullish on Saskatchewan and Manitoba and am looking forward to the development of the Bakken light oil fields in southern Saskatchewan which I'm hearing will be 4-5 times the size of the Alaska North Slope with a lower cost of production than the Alberta oil sands.
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Wed Apr 23, 2008 5:32 am

I'm a little late with the formal introduction (sorry!), but here we go

1) Age / Location / Occupation
2) What real estate do you own?
3) What's your view on the market going forward? Buyer or seller? Which parts of the market?
4) Anything else?

1) I'm 30 & currently reside in Ontario.

2) 5 SFH houses, 3 duplexes, and 3 condos... mostly located in smaller markets in Ontario. Property values are very low compared to Vancouver. In fact, bachelor apartments in downtown Vancouver are probably worth more. Started buying at least one property a year for the last 7 years - buy & hold, never "flipped" anything (but I must confess to secretly enjoying all those "flip" shows). Cashflow positive on all of them, properties are located in good areas so it attracts quality tenants. However the problem is, I have a little cashflow but not much capital appreciation (pick your battles right? Finding quality in high appreciation areas that cashflow with small downpayment is rare!). Mortgages are being paid down, but I keep a close eye on Vancouver as it is a fascinating market and if the crash occurs like many here anticipate, that would be my opportunity to close up shop in frigid Ontario and look for some buying opportunities in Vancouver.

3) Not sure where the market in Vancouver is going. Can't deny that real estate is cyclical and this up part of the cycle has played out a long, long time now. That being said, business is booming in Vancouver, interest rates are increadibly low (for variable) and are going lower. People are all working there - unemployment is at what near all time low or something? By far Vancouver is the most desirable place to live in all of Canada and Canadians want to live there... Hard to see a crash with all of those factors, but the rise has been fast and furious so its equally as hard to see prices continue to rise like they have. Enough rambling, I'm going with 5-8% per year until 2011... That's what I think, but I'd certainly welcome a crash to allow me the window of opportunity to be a buyer in Vancouver.

4) Anything else? Well, I've lurked here for years and collected a lot of wisdom from both the bears and the bulls, especially the regulars so thanks for sharing all your valuable insight. Only started posting Jan 2007, but watched the forum way before then.

Finally, some people I know who have lived in Vancouver a long time sold their family home two years ago & loaded their family into a house to rent & now rent from a landlord whom they distrust and dislike. They plan on buying their exact same home or a similar home on the same street when "the crash" comes. At the same time, for the last two years they go on and on about how ridiculous it is for these random people buying "pre-sale condos" and how risky it is and how these pre-sale buyers are speculating with their hard earned dollars and how it won't work out well for them... I can't help but ask myself, who's taking on the more risk? These friends of mine or the random pre-sale buyer?
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Mon May 05, 2008 5:41 pm

1) Age / Location / Occupation
2) What real estate do you own?
3) What's your view on the market going forward? Buyer or seller? Which parts of the market?
4) Anything else?

1) 27 / Edmonton, Alberta / Directional drilling consultant (rigs)
2) Just sold my 1500sq/ft 2 storey in Wetaskiwin, Alberta
3) Not sure........looking for advice. I think prices are absolutely crazy.
4) Should I sit and wait with my cash in hand, or buy again? What price do you feel is reasonable for about a 2000sq/ft 2 storey around Edmonton?
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Thu May 15, 2008 11:33 pm

1) Age / Location / Occupation
2) What real estate do you own?
3) What's your view on the market going forward? Buyer or seller? Which parts of the market?
4) Anything else?

1) 29/PoMo/ Software Consultant
2) Chalet in the Laurentians
3) Will be buying in 1-2 years. Most likely a SFD so I can finally practice my drums at home and not in a studio. Plus, I hate stratas.
4) As a person who has lived in central and eastern Canada most of my life, let me just say that the RE prices here are nuts, but in some places it's easier to find a nice home for 100k than it is to find good ethnic food.

Johnny Horton
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Fri May 16, 2008 2:36 pm

1) Age 59 / Location Vancouver BC / Occupation Garbage Man
2) What real estate do you own? none
3) What's your view on the market going forward? Money will continue to depreciate.
Buyer or seller? Neither Which parts of the market?
4) Anything else? I'm a loudmouth and am second in real estate knowledge only to another loudmouth, know-it-all, idiot. I love to poke fun at arm chair wannabe's and pompous asses . If I hurt your feelings, sorry, please don't take any disrespect seriously. :mrgreen:
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Sat May 17, 2008 10:23 am

Welcome to RET Mr. Horton!!!
Johnny Horton
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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Mon May 19, 2008 3:34 pm



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Re: Introduce Yourself to the Forum!

Wed May 21, 2008 6:54 am

1) Age 65 / Location West Vancouver BC / Occupation Retired technology executive
2) What real estate do you own? 1700 sq.ft condo in PV MX
Have owned homes in Sarnia, London, Edomonton, Toronto and West Van. Made significant money on all of them. Currently renting a 3300 sq.ft. penthouse in West Van. Income from house equity enabled us to retire in 2002.

3) What's your view on the market going forward? Vancouver will go through a prolonged contraction in prices that will take 8-10 years.
Buyer or seller? Neither
4) Anything else? I'm interested in the value of many different types of assets, including stocks, bonds, preferred shares and residential/commercial RE. I manage our investment portfolio to generate retirement income.

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